Food security and nutrition 

by boosting sustainable agriculture and food

- Promoting the Mediterranean diet.
- Enhancing agro-ecological practices.
- Improving food safety and quality.
- Increasing access to food.

FAO Report - Regional overview of food insecurity

 The FAO has recently launched  a Report entitled "Aperçu  régional de l'insécurité  alimentaire au Proche-Orient et  en Afrique du Nord" (Regional  overview of food insecurity on  the Near-East and North Africa)  to sound the alarm on malnutrion  in this region.


Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, Deputy-Director and Representative of the FAO Regional Office for the Near-East and North Africa states that " the region is currently facing unprecedented challenges in terms of food security, due to several risks related to conflit, water scarcity and climate change. The countries of the region must implement a sustainable and integrated sustainable water management with the aim of reaching the Sustainable Development Goal consisting of eradicating hunger by 2030".

For more information, read the article published in French by Econostrum

Dowload the FAO Report in French

IFPRI Global Food Report 2017

The International Food Policy Research Institute has recently published the Global Food Report 2017, a review of major developments in food and nutrition policy around the globe, featuring an in-depth look at the impact of rapide urbanisation. 
Chapter 1:  Food security and Nutrition in an Urbanizing World
Chapter 2: Smallholders and Urbanization
Chapter 3: Growing Cities, New Challenges
Chapter 4: Urbanization and the Nutrition Transition
Chapter 5: How Cities Reshape Food Systems
Chapter 6: Informal Food Markets in Africa's Cities


Full Report


IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2015

Annual publication providing political, economic, social and cultural insights into the Mediterranean agenda from different perspectives. For its 2015 edition, in the section devoted to Strategic sectors, economy and territory, the IEMed published an article written by Cosimo Lacirignola, Secretary General of the CIHEAM, entitled:

"Struggling against Food Wast in the Mediterranean Region to Strengthen Food Security"

"In the vast debate on food security, the issues of food loss and food waste have become central. Whereas many concerns exist regarding the evolution of the supply and demand for agricultural products in the coming years, the struggle against losses and waste is turning out to be one of the main levers to pull in attempting to reduce food insecurity in the world. Such an issue also affects the Mediterranean Basin. All the countries in this region are facing the following difficulty: they need to produce more with fewer resources and thus use resources more sparingly."

Article in English

Year Book 2015