Mediterra 2009, entitled "Rethinking rural development in the Mediterranean" is the fruit of cooperation between CIHEAM and Blue Plan.

Awareness is growing in the Mediterranean, as in other parts of the world, of the fact that the future of the region will inevitably involve developing farming systems and rural areas.Climate change, responsible water resource management, lands dynamics, economic diversification – such are the challenges for the sustainability and competitiveness of Mediterranean farming systems. Mediterra 2009 surveys the agricultural and rural measures taken to implement the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) and takes a fresh look at the policies pursued in rural areas.

Mediterra 2009 is a compendium of shared expertise intended as a decision-making tool. Its purpose is to provide all actors, professionals and researchers in the Euro-Mediterranean world with essential assessment criteria and strategic indicators for agricultural and rural development. Mediterra 2009 was published in French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.