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Former CIHEAM Students from the CIHEAM Institute of Chania are invited to participate in the 2nd ALUMNI GATHERING (23/08/2019)

This year the gathering will focus on CIHEAM’S multiculturalism as a contribution to Personal and Professional Evolvement

19:20 Group Photo at the open-air amphitheatre which is located close to the “POSEIDON” Conference Hall

19:30 Registration

20:00 Welcome Address by the Director of CIHEAM Chania, Dr George Baourakis

Welcome Address by the Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Prof. Vasilios Digalakis

Welcome Addresses by the authorities

Welcome Address by the Greek Delegate and Vice President of CIHEAM, Prof. Charalambos Kasimis

Welcome Address by the General Secretary of CIHEAM, Mr Placido Plaza

20:10 Brief welcome by the Studies Coordinators of the Master of Science Programmes of CIHEAM Chania

 Horticultural Genetics & Biotechnology, Dr Panos Kalaitzis

 Sustainable Agriculture, Dr Ioannis Livieratos

 Business Economics & Management, Mrs Eleni Stamataki

 Geoinformation in Environmental Management, Dr Chariton Kalaitzidis

 Food Quality & Chemistry of Natural Products, Mrs Panagiota Gotsiou & Mrs Sofia Loupasaki

 Mediterranean Plant Conservation Unit, Dr Christina Fournaraki

20:30 Presentations and short speeches

Presentation “CIHEAM Chania Alumni: Contribution to Academic and Research Excellence” by Prof. Andy Mavromoustakos, University of Arkansas-Agric. Stat. Lab

Presentation “Maintaining Alumni International Connections High (CIHEAM Chania)" by Prof. Emile J. Salame, Lebanese University – Dep. of Agricultural Economics

Presentation “Challenges in the EU Agri-Food Supply Chain: Sustainability, Consolidation, Imbalance of Power, Unfair Trade Practices (UTPs)” by Mr Prodromos Kalaitzis, Agri-Food Policy Advisor, Greece

Presentation “Research at the Department of Biotechnology of UOT- Reflections on MAICH contribution and possibilities for future collaborations” by Prof.Ariola Bacu (Grazhdani), Department of Biotechnology, University of Tirana, Albania

Short speech by Mrs Carmen Clapan, Romanian Ministry of National Education

Short speech by Prof. Argyro Avgoustaki, ESCP EUROPE-UK 21:00 “Cretan/International” night with DJ, live orchestra and local dancers at the open-air restaurant “Mediterranean”

Two workshops will take place earlier the same day 14:30-18:15 Workshop on: "Hack stress: How the magic power of gratitude can change your life" by Samira Belhadj who is an alumnus of the Economic Department and Management programme of CIHEAM Chania and got her MSc in 1997–Room PYTHAGORAS

18:15-19:15 Workshop on: "Leadership Democracy Model" by Katerina Karakoli who is an alumnus of the Economic Department and Management programme of CIHEAM Chania and got her MSc in 1997-Room THEOPHRASTUS


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