2015 Statistical Review

Hosted on CIHEAM’s website, the Mediterranean Observatory aims at contributing to the exchange of ideas by providing information and analyses on agriculture, food and development in the Euro-Mediterranean area. In this regard, various statistical indicators were collected and processed in order to offer essential information for all those who are interested in the Mediterranean and its challenges.

More than 70 factsheets divided in six thematic groups (agricultural economics, agricultural production, food security, demography, environment, macroeconomics) reflect the situation of the 13 CIHEAM member countries and of 6 other Mediterranean countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Jordan, Libya, Montenegro and Syria).

Numerous sources were mobilised such as the different statistic divisions of the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, EUROSTAT, Blue Plan… in order to provide the widest overview possible of the region, its agriculture and its potential. 

 Download the CIHEAM 2015 Statistical Review on Mediterranean agriculture, economy and environment