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HNV-Link Project final conference


Innovation to sustain High Nature Value farming: Who needs to do what?


 31 January 2019 

The HNV-Link project held its final conference on 31 January 2019 at the CIHEAM Institute of Montpellier.

Participants highlighted the environmental, social and economic relevance of HNV farming, shared their findings from local experiences, and discussed the role of innovation in supporting this vital form of agriculture. 

After the welcoming words by Plácido Plaza, Secretary General of CIHEAM Pascal Bergeret, Director of the CIHEAM Institute of Montpellier, a speech was given by Sergiu Didicescu, from Sergiu Didicescu the Agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) on the role innovation can play in supporting High Nature Value farming

High nature value (HNV) farmland defines areas in Europe where agricultural activities support and are associated with exceptionally high biodiversity. These areas are an important component of European agriculture not only for their natural values but also for cultural heritage, quality products, and rural employment. Such farming is practiced most frequently in areas where natural constraints prevent intensive production. They mainly, but not exclusively, involve low-intensity livestock farming.
Abandonment or degradation of farmland, intensification of production, and socio-economic decline are long-standing threats for such extensive and nature-friendly farming systems.
The challenge is to increase the socio-economic viability of HNV farming while maintaining natural values of HNV farmland, including ecosystem services provided to the society.
The 13-partner network, HNV-Link: “High Nature Value Farming: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge” is dedicated to developing and sharing innovations that support HNV farming systems and communities by simultaneously improving their socio-economic viability and environmental efficiency.

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Programme of the Final Conference


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