CIHEAM Alumni Network (NCA)

The CIHEAM fully recognises the significant role that students and Alumni play in shaping its missions and therefore seeks to strenghten life-long relationships with its past and present graduates. This is the main goal of the Ciheam Alumni Network (NCA) that is set up as a hub for networking.

General  Objectives

  • To provide a common space for the sharing of information on Mediterranean cooperation initiatives and inter-regional programmes promoted by the CIHEAM and its Institutes.
  • To increase public awareness on Mediterranean inter-regional programmes: Publishing and dissemination of information on training, research and cooperation.

Specific Objectives

  1. To update the database of the CIHEAM former students/trainees and provide them with the opportunity to reconnect with the staff, researchers, visiting lecturers and fellow students of the Institutes thus enhancing networking;
  2. To analyse the impact of the actions conducted by the CIHEAM-Institutes (Training, Research and Cooperation) on their career;
  3. To ensure that alumni are well-informed about the latest developments of CIHEAM-Institutes through the dissemination of information (newsletters, publications, social networks);
  4. To support and facilitate Alumni career development through life-long learning (postgraduate study , e.g. Ph.D), advanced specialised short courses, workshops, Summer courses, etc.), and access to employment by sharing job opportunities.
  5. To receive feedback from former students and use it to improve the effectiveness of the activities deployed by the CIHEAM and its Institutes.
  6. To enhance the Corporate approach of the CIHEAM and its Institutes through better visibility.


The Ciheam Alumni Network (NCA) brings together the:




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