Educational and Capacity Building Programmes

Education and Capacity Building are important elements of the CIHEAM's mandate.

The CIHEAM offers two types of programmes: Masters Programmes and Short Specialised Courses targeted to post-graduate students, officials and professional of agri-food sectors in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The CIHEAM's programmes are complementary to and devised in partnership with national higher education and research institutions in member countries. They are implemented in the CIHEAM's Institutes (MAIs) or other institutions in our member countries, thus contributing to student mobility.

The academic and scientific excellence of the permanent and visiting teaching staff, as well as its diversity, is one of the CIHEAM’s main assets in achieving high educational quality standards and in developing the "spirit of international cooperation", which the founders of the CIHEAM wished to promote.


More than 40,000 persons have been trained by the CIHEAM since 1962.

Approximately 5,200 students enrolled for a Masters Degree from 2003/2004 to 2014/2015. 80% of them came from Member States of the CIHEAM and 50% have received a scholarship or a mobility grant.

Almost 10,200 persons have completed a short-term specialised training course from 2004/2005 to 2014/2015. Approximately 45% of them were grantees and approximately 75% came from Member States of the CIHEAM.

Therefore, over a decade, almost 15,000 persons have participated in the CIHEAM’s training devices.