Sharing of information

The dissemination of information has always been one of the priority missions of the CIHEAM since its inception in 1962.
This section in intended to share information and knowledge including statistics, studies and analysies, reports and any other kind of data produced by the CIHEAM and its four Institutes but also by its institutional partners. The aim is to enhance knowledge on the priority themes and the four pillars of the CIHEAM Action Plan for the Mediterranean (CAPMED 2025) :

Protecting the planet "by struggling against triple waste"

- Sharing knowledge and defending traditional knowhow.
- Managing natural resources and energy (water, soil, forests, energy, biodiversity, sea…).
- Reducing agricultural losses and food waste throughout food chains.

Food security and nutrition "by boosting sustainable agriculture and food"

- Promoting the Mediterranean diet.
- Enhancing agro-ecological practices.
- Improving food safety and quality.
- Increasing access to food.

Inclusive development "by investing in new generations and fragile territories"

- Youth employment and life-long learning.
- Development of rural and coastal regions.
- Gender Equality and participation of vulnerable groups.
- Emergence of smart rural territories and of inclusive agriculture and fishery models.

Crises and resilience "by controbuting to tensions management"

- Population mobility and migrations.
- Climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions.
- Animal and plant health.
- Agricultural markets.